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Genuinely Green

We believe in honoring our Planet.

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It is important to us that the products we use support our health and improve our finances while also keeping our world clean and safe. 

We believe in pure ingredients, engineered by Nature, to create a non-toxic environment. 

Are you a SMART consumer who knows that the fumes of many housefold cleaners can contribute to fatigue, allergies, itchy skin and fuzzy thinking? No athlete can perform at their best feeling like that... Listen to how one person addresses these issues.


Are you PART OF THE GROWING TREND of families and athletes who share our passion for products that are
Always SAFE, Always WORK and Always GREEN?

If so, then you're in good company-

Your family and the Planet thank you

Get Clean PackageYou can get started right here by ordering the complete Get Clean Kit. You can save some $3400 over the cost of the traditional cleaning products these products will replace. Amazing, eh?

Want details of these economic benefits? Click here for direct cost comparisons.

Here are just a few of the health and safety benefits of switching to Get Clean.

And look at how much waste you'll keep out of your local landfills just by converting to these concentrated products. This is a pile of the disposable containers left over from the traditional cleaning products one Get Clean Starter Kit replaces. That's 108 pounds of packaging waste!

*Continue to scroll down for video segments and demos... We promise you'll be so glad you did.

Why Shaklee?

Shaklee's promise to all of us is very simple:

Shaklee Products.

Always Safe.  Always Work.  Always Green.

These are powerful statements for a major global corporation to make -- and they don't brag casually.

Shaklee practices what it preaches. With numerous environmental awards and seats on governmental advisory boards, they continue to lead as the first ever Certified Climate Neutral company.

And Shaklee shares its environmental commitments with powerful partners, including Arctic explorers, the Jacques Cousteau Society and Nobel Peace Prize winners...

Why Now?

While a few famous outdoor polution problems have been improved in recent years, the subtle and dangerous pollution of our indoor household environments - and the human problems this has caused - has only gotten worse. Here are some videos that explain this often ignored issue:


What Next?

If you're ready to get started, the Get Clean Starter Kit is my favorite kit...
Simply choose the one with or without fragrance for the laundry. And the fragrance is from natural ingredients, not some petrochemical concoction.

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