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Optimal Vitality to Live Life to It's Fullest

Alive is...
Nutritional Support for Optimal Vitality – starting with the
Rx for a Healthier Life
and adding some of my additional favorites, including –

Use this form to assess your current level of vitality:
How Do You Feel Today?

The Wellness Starter Pack

For people who are SMART about their health and BUSY.
They want a QUICK, DEPENDABLE, and SAFE routine that gives positive RESULTS.

Select the Shaklee 180 flavors that you prefer and select the Vitalizer package that’s right for you.

Save an additional 10%* with Autoship – when you want to assure the ease and convenience of knowing your product supply is always there for you on time.

Looking for a good nutritional program – one that's easy to put into your daily routine? Here’s a starter package to give you the essentials, with no frills.
And further down this page, see a couple of additions to strength it for your long term use.

What's in the Package

First, for your long term insurance, choose the "Vitalizer" that's suited for you – with or without iron, or with added Vitamin D (labeled as Gold).



To smooth out those 3 PM blues with a tasty, simple meal in a drink, choose your "Shaklee 180" drink. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, or Caffe Latte. Why Cinch? It tastes great, you can mix it in milk or water, and – with science and ingredients based on sports nutrition -- it protects muscle (like your heart) while trimming unwanted fat. The soy protein source keeps you from snacking on unhealthy food choices. (Also available in whey vanilla.) It’s a complete meal, including fiber. And it’s low glycemic, which means it doesn’t trigger extra insulin response and is commonly used by those with blood sugar or diabetic issues.

To begin your program, order at least two cans of Shaklee 180 – or one can and a box of packages. You’ll need that to complete your first 30 days.

To strongly reinforce your immune system against infection and illness, include 2 'Nutriferon' tablets daily. This is a world-class product you won't find anywhere else. Think ‘interferon’ that’s widely prescribed for cancer treatment, with its frequent challenging side effects. Then make it all natural sources, without ‘side effects’ and with powerful ongoing immune support you can consume daily for life. You can be sure it’s safe: The Olympic Ski & Snowboarding Teams use it as their official “Immune Support Product.’ And there’s a patent pending on results related to Hepatitis C. When the news talks about global flu epidemics, aren’t you glad you have ongoing immune support daily?

The Extras

For more protein muscle in your Cinch shake, add my two favorites:

These two products can cut your costs a bit and add huge additional benefits to the basic Cinch drink.

And to reduce the impacts of Aging, you can choose to add Vivix, with countless testimonies for addressing breakdowns at the cellular level.



Add a convenient Shaker for easily preparing the Cinch drink.

You’ll want to have good, purified water for your new routine as well. Here is the Get Clean Water Pitcher.

Results You Can Count On

Measure the RESULTS (video clip) of this basic nutritional program by checking the left column of “How do you feel Today?” – then review in 30 days, filling in the right column and comparing with your starting point.

Ask us about additional savings as you create a Monthly Shopping Reminder (“autoship”) to assure you never run out.

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